Freddy Bellon

Native from Reunion Island (a French tropical island in the Indian Ocean) Freddy moved to Paris, France when he was 18. He discovered salsa in 2006 and decided to take it to the next level in 2008 after watching Terry & Cecile perform one of their early shows. He became salsa addicted and started taking regular classes with them.

He fell in love with Mambo (or modern On2 NY Style) in 2011 and has been a Mambo ambassador ever since. He learned from the best Mambo dancers worldwide: Eddie TorresMouaze Konate to Adolfo Indacochea. He also performed with Mouaze and Adolfo on multiple dance stages.

Since starting to dance in 2006, first as a student then as a performer and now a teacher, his passion for salsa never stopped increasing and he is now ready for his next challenge, spreading the passion for salsa in Hong Kong!

This is a nice souvenir Freddy and Mathilde dancing in one of the famous salsa parties in Paris.

Wafa Abdelmoula

Born in Tunis, Tunisia, Wafa joined the National Ballet of Tunis at the age of 5. She danced there for 8 years, following a diverse training in classicalcontemporary and oriental. During her ballet training, she did various performances in different national events, TV shows and dance competitions.

She continued her dance training in Paris in 2010 in Hip HopRagga Dancehall and salsa. She was lucky to learn alongside world famous teachers such as Amalia Salle (Hip-hop), Queensy Blazin and Laure Courtellemont (Ragga Dancehall), Julien Cogordan, Aude MichonElla JaukLeon RoseTerry and Cécile (Salsa) and many other talented artists in Paris. She also performed along Aude, Leon and Ella as part of their performance teams.

After all these years of learning, Wafa wants to share her vision and invites you to join her world of dance. A world that will make you travel from east to west and from Hip-Hop to Salsa. A world that will help you to enjoy your feminity, express yourself and feel more confident! 

This is one of the her first projects in Paris. Wafa created the group “1001Danses” to gather dancers from different inspirations, to share their universes and celebrate their feminity, on the sites of one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Paris.