Heels Fusion

What is HEELS FUSION Class?

Dancing in heels is nothing new. Throughout the history of many dance styles, heels seem to come in and out of fashion. Dancers, usually female, in musical theatre styles of jazz, tap and ballroom have always had the requirement of performing in heels.
Dancing in heels is a technique and an art. Therefore dancing in heels should be earned, just like earning the privilege of wearing pointe shoes.
At METIS, we have a dedicated class to work on the postures and attitudes, to learn how to walk and how to dance in heels…and… to run the world!!
The Heels class generally incorporate these different styles of dances: Pop, Funk jazz and Hip Hop.
Thanks to Wafa’s rich dance background, she also includes Latin, Belly Dance and Ragga Moves in her Heels class. It all depends on the song, her inspiration and her mood…
That’s why this class is called Heels Fusion.
So ladies be prepared to have no limits, to follow the rhythm and to explore different dances!

Why should you try?

The intention behind this class comes from a place of loving yourself, loving your body and being confident in who YOU are. This hour is for you, to enjoy your feminity and to feel sexy and sensual. It will help you to build confidence, not only for an hour out but more importantly for your daily life (social situation, at work, in the street, etc.)
And you will learn the power of hip movement, hair flipping, and balancing in the heels. You will also improve your dance level by learning the combination of different styles.

For whom? And what to wear?

Women of all ages and origins are invited to take the class!
This class is open for all levels. You will grow depending on your level: from someone who never took dance classes before to someone who has already a good background, you will face your own challenges!

The warm up is without Heels and then for the choreography we suggest you put on your heels.
If you have any trouble wearing heels, if you never took lessons of heels, feel free to choose the better and more comfortable shoes for you and to bring a second pair of shoes in case.


You can start with Latin Dance Shoes which are more comfortable. We establish a partnership with two well known Latin Shops in Causewayabay. It’s only for METIS STUDENTS. Contact us to have the discount! 


To give you an idea about my work, check out the video of my heels fusion bootcamp in Paris.

  • Fusion Choreography (Heels, Salsa, JazzFunk, Ragga)
  • On the catchy and lovely song *Shape of You*

Dont’ wait any more and join us for a new, exciting and challenging experience!