Our philosophy

The name “Metis” derives from the latin word “Mixtus” which means mixed / blended.
It symbolizes the beauty and power of mixing together different concepts, origins, cultures and styles of dance.
It fits perfectly with the origins of the two founders: Freddy, who grew up on a French tropical island and Wafa, who grew up in Tunisia, a blend of Arabic and European cultures.
It also reflects the danse variety that Metis D.S. wants to teach and share : salsa, cha-cha-cha, bellydance, heels fusion.

The ambition of Metis Dance Society is to:

  • Gather people around their passion for dancing regardless of their origins and differences, be it ethnic, religious, political or their social status.
  • Enable people to grow physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively through dancing: stay in better shape, develop body knowledge, increase musicality, improve self-confidence and self-expression, nurture self-ability to enjoy social interactions.
  • Enable people to fulfill their dance potential: from learning a new dance skills to going out social-dancing to performing on stage.

We are looking forward to share our passion with you in class and socialising with you on the dancefloor!!