Salsa Lady Styling

What is Salsa Lady Styling?

The term “styling” is used to describe movement that is used to add more flavour and attitude to a basic movement or simply to reflect of one’s personality.

The general learning path for women in salsa is to begin in a group class consisting of both men and women, where everyone learns the same basic steps. After mastering these basics, she will seek out a “Lady Styling” class, where she learns how to use her arms and body movement to make the same steps look more feminine.

Recently, there has been a shift in perspective concerning gender stereotypes and how they are expressed on the dance floor, thus, “styling” has taken on a more inclusive definition that is neither feminine nor masculine and can range from body and head movements; arm, leg and foot gesturing; and varied timing. Styling classes are now offered for men as well and can even borrow from other dance genres, such as Franklin Diaz’s “salsa flamenco styling” and Frankie Martinez’s “Afro-Latin Funk”.

Do I need to learn a specific “Styling”?

The definition of “styling” represents one of the most beautiful characteristics of salsa dancing – the freedom of each individual to create one’s personal style.

To be able to express your own style, we believe that it is part of an exciting journey that each dancer experiences: Watching, Learning, Executing, Improvising and Creating. 
It means that you need first to learn and understand diffrent styles, learn how to execute them properly and then make them home in your body to express your own personality and style.

There are different types of influences that you may use in your “Salsa Styling”: Jazz, Cuban, Mambo, Flamenco, etc. It depends on the music you can choose or mix these styles. As you know, we love mixing styles so we like to add different styles on top of our Mambo shines!

Along the Salsa History, the “Lady Styling” has been influenced by the “Salsa Divas”: Griselle Ponce, Karel Flores, Tania Cannarsa, Alien Ramirez, Marie Cazorla, Ella Jauk, etc. Each one of them, brings her Style and add her influences and knowledge to the Salsa Styling scene.
These dancers have been a great inspiration to all the women in the Salsa world. Not only for their dance, but also for their strong message world spread about Feminity, Self-confidence and Freedom!

We prepared a playlist just for you so you can enjoy some perforamces of these Divas!

What level should I take?


Who is this class for?

  1. Beginner dancers who know the basics of Salsa On2
  2. Intermediate Salsa On2 dancers who want to start to add lady styling to their basic footwork
  3. ‘On1’ salsa dancer (Cuban or L.A. style) who are learning On2 at the same time

What is the content of the class?
During this class, we learn how to shine on the Dancefloor with adding some arms styling, body movement and attitude.

What is required?
You need to be comfortable on the On2 timing and master your footwork basics.

Our recommendation:
If you are starting, we recommend you to attend the beginner salsa class as well to master your basics.
This class is complementary to the beginner salsa class. We learn the steps during the common class (guys and girls) and we focus on Lady Styling based on these common footwork patterns.


Who is this class for?
This class is for Intermediate dancers On 2 with minimum of 6 months of serious salsa practice.

What is the content of the class?
This level is for intermediate dancers who want to push their limits, improve their technique and learn some nice combinations. It is composed of two parts:

  • 45 min to work on the technique (turns, spins, arms styling) and body movements (isolations, shimmies, hips movement, waves, etc.)
  • 45 min to learn a combination. We believe that in this level, you already know some basic styling or/and you take also the Open Level Class. The goal is to practice our memory, our stability and balance on speed songs, our musicality and our self-expression!

What is required?
You are comfortable and confident with all of the moves and techniques taught in the beginners’ class.

Our recommendation: 
We highly recommend you to attend the Intermediate Footwork classes as well to learn the steps.
This class is complementary to the Salsa Footwork class. We learn the steps during the common class (guys and girls) and we focus on Lady Styling based on the common footwork patterns.

What do I need to wear?

Get dress for a workout. Wear dance latin shoes or shoes that can slide on wood floor so you can spin.
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