Freddy’s performances

Freddy has a long experience performing on international salsa stages. He has been an active member of  the “Mouaze Dancers”, lead by the famous and talented salsa artist Mouaze Konate. For 6 years, he had the opportunity to learn from him, be part of dance team and perform on several dance stages in Europe and Africa.

Moreover, he had the opportunity to perform alongside Adolfo Indacochea, participating in several of his bootcamps.

Here are a few videos of his performances:

Wafa’s performances

Wafa has been performing on dance stages since she was in Tunisia. A versatile dancer, she has been able to showcase her dance skills (which include bellydance, hip-hop, ragga dancehall, salsa, Bollywood…) on multiple stages in Europe, Tunisia, Turkey and Hong Kong.

She took part in Aude Michon’s Dance team ODelice.
She was privileged to be part of Ella Jauk’s Performance Team for a Salsa Choreography with a Flamenco touch named ‘Ole’.

Not only a dancer, Wafa is also a talented choreographer and Video producer. She created a Dance Company in Paris called “1001Danses” which aimed at expressing Feminity in different ways, cultures and styles. The second video is one of their work: a sensual choreography with Hiphop, RaggaDancehall influences and of course a touch of Salsa on the hot song “Safari” by J BALVIN. P.S.

Wafa and Freddy

Since their meeting, Wafa and Freddy share the ambition to gather dancers around the common passion: dancing.
Below are some projects they have done in Paris while they were involved in the organisation of the Paris International Salsa Congress and the weekly party at the salsa Mecca O’Sullivan:

  • Funky Chacha Flashmob during the Paris International Congress 2016
  • Ragga Flashmob during the Paris International Congress 2016
  • Sals’Halloween at the O’Sullivan

They also love sharing their passion of Salsa on the Dancefloor. They keep learning and be inspired by each other regarding their different and rich background.